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Team Building Online:

Promoting online team-building activities has been one of the main ways to keep employees connected to the work environment in recent months. See in this article online team building tips and activities to ensure your team is motivated and united even when teleworking.

The pandemic has affected the way we work, as well as individual employee outcomes. How to explain this? Adaptation to telework has brought many consequences, one of which is the lack of connection between employees and the work environment. Now, almost everything is virtual, or at least hybrid.

It is from this context that HR professionals, responsible for managing people, needed to innovate and find a way to create online team-building activities. And this has been one of the great challenges facing companies today.

What Is Online Team Building?

“Team building” is an Anglo-Saxon term whose literal translation is “team building”. The practice of team building consists of the development of recreational and integration activities .

Here are some of the team building goals:

Encourage high-performing teams
Improve interpersonal relationships between employees
Promoting well-being in the work environment
Improve the company’s Employer branding
Encourage teamwork

The term emerged in the mid-1920s. It was then that the social psychologist William McDougal addressed the importance of having teams and of having the best environment in which they work.

Subsequently, the relationship between worker productivity and the work environment was studied and, in these times, it goes without saying that an employee who feels comfortable at work is much more productive.

Companies are increasingly aware of this and are investing in initiatives that increase employee satisfaction. After the pandemic, the need to adapt these activities to the virtual environment became a major concern.

Hybrid work and employee integration

The integration between employees was that something certain happened naturally in the past. The fact that people see each other every day at the office facilitates a certain feeling of unity.

Today things have changed and there are employees who are in the office and others who are working from home. What many have adopted as their new normal is working some days from home and some days at the office. That is, they practice the famous new hybrid working model.

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